Casa Estana


Calderoni Art

Merry Calderoni is one of our favorite San Miguel artists, and her gallery is a must see on your visit to La Aurora. Her recent exhibition in Guanajuato was based on the Solderas - the women fighters in the Mexican Revolution. Her art embodies the spirit of the land and people of Mexico with heart and passion. You will find  her works in the master bedroom and the Casita.

Fabrica La Aurora  415.103.0149

Svein Koningen Art Gallery

One of the painters we return to time & again for a fresh perspective. In the coming year you will see his works displayed at Casa Estana. If you are a lover of abstract art,  this world  reknowned artist from Australia should be on your short list of people to watch.


Maggie Taylor

Whimsical and with a full dose of wonderland. We were thrilled to find Maggie's work at Camino & Silvestre (see SHOPPING section) ... her beautifully framed "A Small Boat Waiting" hangs at Casa Estana.

Yuri Zatarain

Mexican painter and sculptor from Mazatlan. The gallery is located on Hidalgo inside the Hotel de Guadalupe.